Week 15 – Classmate Conversation

Hello everyone! Meet Jonathan Gonzalez.


This week I had the pleasure of meeting Jonathan Gonzalez! Lately, we have been having our classmate conversations outside of the classroom but for this one we did not. It is usually hard finding someone new inside the classroom but luckily for me Jonathan came up to me immediately.

Jonathan is from Bellflower, California. He graduated from Mayfair High School about two years ago and he is now a second year student here at Long Beach state. Jonathan hopes to graduate in the next two years with a degree in Psychology. He also hopes to become a teacher one day because he thinks it’s very important for kids to learn about how the human brain works. I absolutely enjoyed how passionate he was about his major because I also think psychology is very important and people should be more informed about it. Other than being at school most of the time, Jonathan absolutely loves to go out and eat with his friends. He also loves going to Six Flags because of all the different rollercoasters there are. This year Jonathan recently went to his first music festival. After going to Countdown, he enjoyed how much fun he had so he went to Beyond.

Overall, I found Jonathan to be an amazing person to talk to! He was absolutely sweet and very outgoing. I had a pleasant time getting to know more about him this week.


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