Week 13 – Classmate Conversation

Hey everyone! Meet Danielle Banuelos.


This week I had the pleasure of meeting Danielle Banuelos. It actually wasn’t the first time we talked because she was always around Yuritzi and I in the art galleries. However, this time I actually got the chance to sit down and get to know much more about her.

Danielle is from Ontario, California and she commutes from home to the school. I give her major props because that is a pretty long drive but luckily she only comes three days a week. Danielle is a fifth year student and is about to graduate with a Bachelor in Health Science. She looks forward to finishing strong and hopefully going to PA school after. Other than that, Danielle loves spending most of her time watching tv series on Netflix. One show that she is hooked on is 13 Reasons Why and surprisingly she hasn’t finished it yet. I actually loved the show because it followed the book which I read when I was in middle school. Danielle also loves going to music festivals like October Fest. I haven’t been but she said it was an amazing experience and looks forward going to the next one. We liked pretty much the same music so it was easy to bond over other things.

All in all, Danielle is a very outgoing person and is very easy to talk to. I had an amazing time getting to know her. I wish her the very best in the future!


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