Week 12 – Ethnography


For this week’s activity, I decided to spend my night without electricity on my bed. As you can see, there is another bed right next to mine. The other bed belongs to my older sister. Luckily for this activity, I had my sister to help me spend this time wisely. I usually don’t get to see my sister because I am almost always at school and when I come home she is already at work. Therefore, we don’t usually get to see each other or talk until she comes home late at night. So I decided to spend my night talking with my sister about how our lives are going.

Obviously time went by really fast because we were just talking about so many things. So I could say that this activity wasn’t really hard for me to do. In fact, I actually really enjoyed doing this week’s activity. Being able to do something like this was really liberating because I don’t usually take the time to talk to my family a lot. I realized that these kind of moments are really important and that we should spend more time like this. It really does suck that this generation spends most of their time on their phones when we are all surrounded by people that love us. I think that we should not only create connections through our phones but instead create connections physically with people. Being able to do something like that can really be life changing. Overall, we should start focusing on creating intimate moments with one another to start using our time more wisely.


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