Week 12 – Artist Conversation – No-Mans Land


Artist: Alice Andreini

Exhibit: No-Mans Land

Media: Drawing and Painting

Gallery: Gatov Gallery

Website: andreiniart.com


About Artist

Alice Andreini is a graduate student here at Long Beach and is working towards her Masters in Fine Arts. Her main focus as a third year student in the MFA program is drawing and painting. Alice earned her Bachelor in Theater Arts which is where her interest in art really grew. After she graduates, Alice plans to continue painting as well as pursuing a career in teaching.

Formal Analysis

In Alice’s exhibit, there are many colorful and large canvases on each wall. Her paintings contained several colors which created multiple layers. Her paintings also consisted of many geometrical shapes and lines. These two characteristics were able to form a view of a landscape. The lighting in the exhibit also played a part in her artwork which made each canvas stand out more through their colors.

Content Analysis

Alice’s purpose of her exhibit was to reveal the ideologies of culture. In order to create her artwork she works with everyday objects and situations. By working with objects, she is able to explore the attitude of supreme power. She believes that the objects that we surround ourselves with are not just objects because we interfere with them to make unauthorized alterations. These alterations are what truly reflect her artwork because they mostly consist of landscapes. Therefore, these landscapes reflect how we see culture and how much we are able to alter things around us.

My Experience 

When I first saw Alice’s artwork, I was captivated by the colors in each canvas. The colors in her artwork brought life to each painting which made them more pleasing to see. At first, I did not notice that her artwork consisted of landscapes. I just thought she created a painting filled with geometrical patterns and colors. After getting to know her idea behind her artwork, I saw her entire exhibit differently. I thought that it was rather interesting changing perspective to see what she was actually trying to express through her artwork. Overall, I thought her idea behind her artwork was really captivating and moving.


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