Week 11 – Classmate Conversation

Hey everyone! Meet Yuritzi Chavez (far left) and Trevor Yarger (far right).


This week’s classmate conversation was pretty different than the usual classmate conversation. As you can see, there are three people (including myself), instead of just two people. I actually thought it was pretty awesome doing it this way because it was less awkward and there was a lot more talking going on.

In my first classmate conversation, I actually met Yuritzi Chavez and we have been very close since then. I am really lucky to still be talking with her because she has been really friendly and helpful with college since she is approaching her senior year. I honestly wish I had more classes with her because she is very fun to be around with. However, I am still really grateful that we still talk and I hope that we continue to even after this semester.

Besides talking to Yuritzi, I had the pleasure of meeting Trevor this week. Trevor is from the Long Beach area and absolutely loves it. He went to Alamitos High School, where he actually got the chance to be a part of the wrestling team. Trevor is now a senior here at Cal State Long Beach and has two different majors. He is majoring in Finance and Supply Chain Management. Trevor is not graduating until the fall because he is double majoring, which requires an amount of work. However, he enjoys what he is studying and hopes to find a successful job after he gets his degree. Aside from school, he enjoys going outdoors to go dirt biking or snow boarding. Trevor also recently went on a two week trip to Spain and Italy! He said that he absolutely enjoyed it and was glad he did because he was able to see a friend who was studying abroad there. The best part of his trip was eating tons of pizza and tons of pasta. He also told us that if we were ever able to visit, then we should definitely go to Florence because that was the city he enjoyed the most. Overall, Trevor was a very outgoing person to talk to and I am glad I got the chance to meet him.


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