Week 10 – Artist Conversation – dressed


Artist: Clare Samani

Exhibition: dressed

Media: Printing

Gallery: Maxine Merlino Gallery

Instagram: @clares_printing


About Artist

Clare Samani is a senior student here at Long Beach and is a part of the School of Art’s printmaking program. Clare looks forward to graduating this semester and going to Louisiana for graduate school. Overall, Clare is excited to finally pursue her dream because ever since she was a child she had always had this passion for art.

Formal Analysis

Clare’s exhibit consists of different pieces of clothing like shirts, dresses, and skirts. Most of her artwork has similar layouts, including the style of each piece and the size of each piece. For example, the style of each piece either consisted of either vibrant colors or dark colors. Each piece also had different patterns in the backgrounds which based on the different texture of the clothing. Although most of the texture of the clothing were very simple, it was the backgrounds that made each piece stand out more.

Content Analysis

The idea behind Clare’s artwork was to express the personalities of the people she knew through her artwork which focused on their fashion. In her artwork she was able to create a piece based on the person’s fashion tastes. For example, she paid close attention to the person’s style and to what colors they mostly wore. She believed that those two things were what best represented the person’s personality. Overall, she had a huge admiration for fashion and found it interesting how people were able to express their true selves with what they wore.

My Experience 

Overall I really enjoyed how simple yet so captivating the artwork was throughout Clare’s gallery. Clare’s main focus was to capture the inner fashion in everyone else. She admitted that she wasn’t very fashionable herself and that made me connect to her even more. I think it’s powerful to be able to show or reflect someone else in your artwork. It tells you how much attention you give to that person, even if it’s just observing their fashion. Something small like that, says a lot.


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