week 10 – Architecture: The Wedge


For this week’s project, I decided to redesign The USU wedge. I personally love this wedge but not so much when there are tons of people coming in and out of the wedge. At times it could also be pretty awkward because the wedge is so small that you end up bumping into another person. That is exactly why I decided to redesign the USU wedge. I would start by removing the benches by the wedge and then I would completely redesign the gray wall and make it more useful to the wedge itself. Instead of having to make way for others, I think it would be best if there were two different entrances. One entrance would be for people leaving the USU building and the other would be for those entering the building. This would definitely be more time consuming and convenient for those who are in a rush to get to class or to go home. However, the entrances are a certain height and that is why the original wedge is still in the same place. The original wedge would be useful to those who are a bit taller than others. Overall, I think my design of the wedge could be useful to every student or staff member that desires to get to their destination a little faster.


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