week 9 – Artist Conversation – Recuerdos

Artist: Dulce Soledad Ibarra

Gallery: Gatov West Gallery

Media: Sculpture

Website: https://www.dulcesoledadibarra.com/sculpture-installation

About Artist

Recuerdos is a solo exhibit done by Dulce Soledad Ibarra. Dulce is from the city of Chino, California. That is where she went to community college until she was 24 and decided to transfer. She believed that Long Beach was the right fit for her in order to keep her dream of being an artist alive. Dulce is now a senior student here at Long Beach and is working towards her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree. Her main focus as a senior in the BFA program is sculpting. Through her exhibit, she hopes to share the memories she had growing up with others.

Formal Analysis 

The exhibit consisted of a variety of items that once belonged to Dulce’s aunt. In the exhibit you can find a variety of objects that hold meaning to Dulce and a variety of objects that you can locate in any Hispanic household. For instances, there was a rack of clothing which stood in front of a sewing machine. There was also a bunch of toy dolls and also a bunch of stuffed animals. Along with the small items, there was also a piano that was covered in recuerdos, baby pictures, and cassettes. Most of these items in this exhibit related to each other, which made the entire exhibit much more special than it already was.

Content Analysis 

Recuerdos is a very meaningful exhibit to Dulce. Her idea behind her exhibit was to keep the presence of her aunt alive after she had passed away. Through every object she is trying to understand what the value of each item had to her aunt. Now that Dulce understands most of these memories, she is glad to share them with others because they too can share the same ideas behind each recuerdo. Although Dulce no longer has her aunt by her side, she is glad that she has done this exhibit. She believes that the idea that one can relive these moments forever through these objects is a beautiful thing.

My Experience 

Overall, I thought that this exhibit was really heart warming. I was able to make a strong connection with most of her pieces because in a way it reminded me of my own childhood. The way Dulce had her exhibit set up reminded me so much of a normal Hispanic household. For example, the way many different little things, including pictures, were set up on top of furniture was something that you can find in a Hispanic household. Along with that, there was a sewing machine and many pieces of fabric that were just laying around just as any normal piece of furniture would be. It was little things like those that brought so much comfort when looking at her exhibit.



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