Week 7 – Artist Conversation – Stop & Stare

Artist: Elena Roznovan

Exhibit: Gatov Gallery East

Media: Sculpture

Instagram: @eroznovan

About Artist 

Elena Roznovan is a graduate student here at Long Beach and is working towards her Masters in Fine Arts. Her main focus as a second year student in the MFA program is sculpting. Roznovan’s main goal is to expand her knowledge and experience with sculpting through the Zidel Art Program.

Formal Analysis 

Roznovan’s exhibit “Stop and Stare” is a video instillation of a sunrise in the desert. Roznovan’s exhibit consists of a dark room that is covered by a dark curtain. In this room you can find different color panels that shine upon the video playing on the wall. However, Roznovan’s video instillation is not your average view of a sunrise. For example, her video lasts much longer than the duration of an actual sunrise and the different color panels set a tone to the sunrise. Roznovan said that she set up her exhibit this way because she wants people to slow down and appreciate her work. She also wants people to admire the desert sun emerging over the horizon.

Content Analysis 

Roznovan’s exhibit shows viewers the importance of patience as well as the comfort of being indoors. She decided to name her exhibit “Stop and Stare” because she literally wants people to stop and stare at the sunrise that she has created through her video instillation. She also wants people to get away from constantly being on the go and to start observing the things around them. Roznovan continues by saying, “We live in such a fast environment, fast paced lifestyle and we forget to sit down and think about stuff and really reflect.” Although some people may not understand Roznovan’s exhibit, she still hopes that there are a few people out there that are capable of stepping away from their busy lives and enjoy what she tries to emphasize through her exhibit.

My Experience 

Overall, I really enjoyed Roznovan’s  art exhibit. What I liked the most about her exhibit was how dark her exhibit was inside the room and how dark her artwork was. I liked it because it really showed the dark side to Roznovan’s imagination. Other than that, Roznovan’s artwork was very calming to look at and that made the entire exhibit much more enjoyable.


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