Week 7 – Classmate Conversation

Hey everyone meet Annie Chung!


Woah! It has been forever since I met someone new (or at least it feels like it has). Anyways, this week I met Annie Chung at the art galleries. We were both looking for someone to talk to until we saw each other. Annie and I went over to a bench, sat down, and just talked about ourselves.

Annie is a first year here at Long Beach and is currently staying at the dorms. However, Annie is not a big fan of the dorms and is not enjoying the experience at all. She said that her roommate is not the greatest and that her dorm location is just too far from the main campus. On the bright side, Annie is planning to get her own apartment next semester and is definitely looking forward to that. Other than that, she is mostly busy studying and doing homework to major in Health Science. Although she is unsure of what career she wants to pursue with that degree, she seems confident in where it’ll take her. Besides spending most of her time studying, Annie goes home every single weekend to Temple City and spends most of her time with her family and friends. Annie also told me that she recently went to her first rave! I was completely shocked when she told me that but at the same time I thought it was pretty cool because we both like the same kind of music. We both bonded over an electric artist (Flume) and just went on and on talking about how good his music is.

Overall, I really enjoyed meeting Annie this week. It was really nice meeting someone who likes the same things as you and that can relate to you in so many ways. I wish Annie the best of luck next semester and I hope that she finally finds peace where she lives.


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