Week 6 – Artist Inspiration


Stay Woke – Daniel Garcia

As I walked through the gallery, I was immediately drawn to this collection of flip books that had the phrase “stay woke.” Stay woke is a well known phrase all over social media and is known to be an encouraging phrase. The phrase basically says that no matter how tough life gets or how terrible you are feeling you have to remind yourself to stay focused. In my case, I was having a pretty terrible week and although I was feeling down I had to remind myself to stay positive.

Earlier that week, I got into a car accident right outside of the parking structure. This is what caused me to feel so down for a couple of days. I had never experienced anything like that so it drained me emotionally and physically. What scared me the most was thinking about how my parents would react because I did not want to lose their trust. Luckily when I called my dad he was very understanding and did not yell at me. Everything went smoothly after he talked with me but I was still hung up on the whole situation. Later that night, I started thinking about everything that would follow after the accident, like the insurance going up. That made me stress out a lot because I did not want my parents to start worrying about money. To top things off, I had a test the next day and I was completely unfocused and ended up staying awake past midnight studying. The next day, after I took my test, I felt a little better because my sister talked things out with me and said that either way everything will be alright. After having that conversation, I continued to feel better and it helped me get through the rest of the week.

I am really glad I ran into that collection of flip books at the gallery. It was pretty motivating and it helped remind me to keep my head up. Overall, I am just thankful that things happened the way it did and now I just have to focus on what’s next.


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