Week 4 – Art Care Package

An art care package for my best friend. 🖤

I think that sending someone a snapchat is not anything like sending them an ACP. Sending someone a snapchat may have little to no value to the person you’re sending it to, while sending an ACP may have a whole lot more value to the person you’re sending it to. There is more value in an ACP because you put in way more effort into making it and it could last a lifetime. On the other hand, sending a snapchat does not take much effort and disappears within seconds. An ACP is much like an ephemera, they both share a significant amount of value. I think that an ephemera is a precious thing because not only does it hold a memory but it withstands time. That is what makes an ephemera precious, the ability to stay significant no matter how many years have passed.

I think that there is a huge difference between art seen by a lot of people versus art that is seen by a few people. Art seen by a lot of people, like in a museum, is art meant to be seen, which makes the art less intimate with each person. On the other hand, art seen by a few people, like an art care package, is meant to be intimate because it was meant to be seen by a single person. For example, seeing artwork at a museum makes everyone feel a different way so it does not hold the same value for each person. While seeing something from an art package like a movie ticket can mean so much more to a person and can make them remember all the good times they had that day. Overall, I think it ultimately depends on the kind of person you are, whether you truly enjoy looking at art that has no significance to you or you enjoy having an item that brings endless memories to you.

I decided to make an art care package for my best friend, Alexandra Soriano. Alex and I have shared so many memories throughout high school so I thought it was appropriate to send her something to remind her of the good times. In my package there are pictures, letters, seashells, and many other things. The letters are meant to be open when she is happy or just misses home. The pictures are meant to remind her of the good times we had in our senior picnic, prom, and graduation. The seashells in the package are very significant because we would alway go to the beach and just talk about anything as we would collect seashells. The small bracelet is also very special because we would always have matching bracelets, so this one is a new bracelet that I wanted to give her. Finally, the ten dollar bill is meant for good luck and I think that it is nice to give her some luck during midterms.


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