Week 3 – Artist Conversation – La Rosa

Exhibition Information

Artist: Elijah Yee
Exhibition: La Rosa
Media: Drawing and Painting
Gallery: CSULB School of Art
Website: http://larosabird.co/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/larosa.artist/?hl=en

About the Artist

Elijah Yee is an undergraduate here at Long Beach and is working towards a Bachelor in Fine Arts. Elijah is a student in the School of Art’s Painting and Drawing program. Although Elijah has tried other forms of art, he is really passionate about painting and drawing and has decided that there is nothing like it. What he also enjoys about the program is that his artwork gets early exposure and that helps open the opportunity of becoming a professional artist. Becoming a professional artist is Elijah’s dream but at the moment he is focused on showing his art. He currently works at a coffee shop and he really enjoys this job because it helps him save money in order for him to pay exhibitions to show his artwork. Overall, Elijah is focused on pursuing this dream of becoming a professional artist and will not stop working until his art is shown.

Formal Analysis

Elijah’s artwork mostly includes painted canvases. There is no specific pattern to his artwork, however, you can tell that Elijah is comfortable using all colors of paint. Elijah uses light colors and dark colors in most of his paintings and this helps compliment each different color. He also uses spray paint in some of his paintings. Other than just using paint and spray paint, Elijah uses many props in his artwork. For example, in most of his paintings he has frames around the canvases. These canvases are heavily covered in paint or spray paint. Other than just using frames, he has used cassettes and nails in some canvases. All of these forms of art and props have really defined who Elijah is as an artist.

Content Analysis

Most of Elijah’s artwork represents the symbol he has chosen, which is La Rosa. He believes that the rose is the perfect symbol to describe his artwork. He said, “my art is mainly about love, broken love, the interpretation of beauty and the nature of human emotion.” Although he has been painting his entire life, most of his inspiration came from a recent breakup with his ex-girlfriend. After that breakup he got an urge to paint, therefore, he turned to painting as therapy. Other than his breakup, the nature of human emotion was most inspirational to him. He thinks human emotion is beautiful, along with its interpretation. He followed by saying, “I think youth has a very profound perspective on things.” It is amazing that his symbol represents his artwork and himself as an artist.

My Experience

When I first saw Elijah’s artwork, I was completely blown away. The first painting I saw was the one of the rose, which I thought made sense because of the name he gave himself. However, as I walked through the gallery I started noticing more and more that his artwork represented something more. They all had this connection, it was hard to describe at the time but I thought they all represented love. In my opinion, the love was shown through all of his paintings, whether it was good love or bad love they all just had this strong connection. On another note, what I enjoyed about his paintings was the modern look they all had. The one that stood out the most was the “hot line bling” one, which is a famous song that came out last year. The modern look helps explain Elijah’s inspiration of youth, which is quite amazing. Overall, I really loved Elijah’s artwork and I hope that more people recognize the true beauty in his artwork.


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