Week 3 – Classmate Conversation

Hey everyone! Meet Mharjorie.

This week’s classmate conversation was a little different, but still very pleasant. This week I got the chance to meet Mharjorie Garan. This time, however, we met outside of class because we were at the art galleries that day. Mharjorie was kind enough to come up to me and introduce herself first.

Mharjorie is a transfer student from Long Beach City College and is excited to be at Long Beach State. Mharjorie is a Chemical Engineer major. Overall, she really enjoys math but isn’t so excited about the chemistry part. I completely agree with her because chemistry is a whole lot to handle. On another note, she is ready to take on this new journey no matter how tough it may be. However, she would really like to spend more time with her family and her friends to keep her sane. I agree with her because I think it’s important to spend time with people who support you and love you.

I am beyond glad I met Mharjorie this week, we were able to relate on so many things. It just feels really good to have someone that can relate to you. Hopefully Mharjorie and I can keep talking and bond about more things because it was really nice meeting her!



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