Week 2 – Classmate Conversation

Hey everyone! Meet Hayley.


During the second week of class, we had another classmate conversation. This week I had the pleasure of meeting Hayley Alvarez. She is also a freshman at Long Beach and is currently undeclared. However, she said she is interested in the business field so perhaps she’ll major in Business. She also said that she just wants to explore the different majors here at Long Beach before she finds the one that she really loves and is interested in.

Other than spending most of her time at school, Hayley absolutely enjoys watching many movies and films. This was definitely something her and I shared. I love watching most movies when they come out on theaters, no matter what genre it is. On the other hand, Hayley likes watching movies that date way back, which I thought was really cool. She told me about all the movies she has watched and I was blown away because I have never heard about the movies she has watched. Overall, I thought it was pretty unique that she knows of many movies that date way back and it was very interesting hearing about them!


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