Week 1 – Plaster Casting

I decided to go to Gelnn’s beach meet up with Esmeralda at Seal Beach in Long Beach. We both did not know what we were doing at first but then we looked up a youtube video which was very useful and helped us a lot.

We began by digging our holes in the sand, the hole had to be big enough in order for us to place our hand or our foot. After that, we got our buckets and filled it with water and wet the sand so we could make a good shape of our hand or foot. I have to say, taking out my hand was the hardest part about the project because I did not want to mess up the shape of my hand.When I was able to take out my hand, I then refilled my bucket with water and then put some of the plaster mix. I stirred it up for a while and immediately then filled the mold of my hand in the sand with the plaster. As we both waited for our plaster cast to dry, we started getting to know each other better. We watched endless videos on twitter and youtube and just talked more about ourselves. It was definitely a good way to pass the time! Luckily, after a good while my plaster cast was dry and ready to take out. My hand out turned out to be pretty cool, and I was very satisfied with the result.

Overall, I had an amazing time working on this project at the beach. Not only was I getting my work done but I also got to know Esmeralda better and that was pretty cool. Absolutely loved this project!


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