Week 1 – Classmate Conversation

Hey everyone! Meet Esmeralda (far left) and Yuritzi (middle).


During the first session of Art 110, I had the pleasure of meeting Esmeralda and Yuritzi. I have to say, I am pretty thankful that Glenn made us talk to each other. When Glenn first told us about the assignment, I immediately freaked out because I absolutely hate awkward conversations. However, that was not what it turned out to be at all. I left that day with not only meeting just two classmates but instead meeting two new good friends.

Esmeralda and Yuritzi are both sweet girls. Esmeralda is a freshman, just like myself, and Yuritzi is a junior. Esmeralda is a Film Major, which I thought was really cool because I want to minor in Film. On the other hand, Yuritzi is a Human Development Major, which was cool because we have some of the same science courses. After breaking the ice, we talked about why we chose to take this class. Turned out that we were all just interested in taking the course, especially since it was known to be a fun class. We also talked about our upcoming Plaster Casting project, so we just helped each other by clarifying how the project worked. After briefly discussing it, we all decided to just go to Glenn’s beach meet up to make the project easier. From there, we exchanged phone numbers and created a group chat.

Although the conversation was very short, I learned a lot about Esmeralda and Yuritzi. I definitely look forward to getting to know so much more about them!


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